EDS GLOBAL Reverse Osmosis Storage tank is one of the most reliable product for your reverse osmosis system. In EDS GLOBAL RO Storage tanks, fresh water is
between stainless steeel connection tube, food-grade polypropylene line andfood-grade butyl diaphragm.

In EDS GLOBAL production system, every butyl diaphragm is post-cured to remove hazardous and chemical materials prior to assembly process. So that, it ensures your fresh water will not have odor and any kind of bad taste. By help of this tank design, your fresh water cominh from your RO system will not be poluted by the internal part of tank metal body and also external environments.

In EDS GLOBAL Ro storage tanks, valve cores have been adopted specially for high pressure resistance. Air valves have additional sealing component, so that the gas tihghtness is very good.

Tank Metal Body

■  Stainless steel water connection
■  Resistant up to 10 bars
■   Outer surface with double layer Epoxy Primary & Polyurethane Acrylic paint
■   All tanks PED-CE-2014/68/EU Certified
■  Internally assembled virgin Polypropylene Liner

■   High quality Butyl Diaphragm, hygienic certified, approved by European Union & USA Institutions
■   DIN 4807-3, NSF-61, WRAS, BS-6920 certified and other quality certificates avaliable
■  No Odour, No Bad Taste of Water






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