EDS-InoxFlow - Stainless Body Booster Tanks with Replaceable Membrane

EDS-InoxFlow is made of 1st class 304 quality stainless metal and gives full assurance to the user about the product quality and the hygiene status of the water. These tanks are mostly used in beverage-food production facilities, hospitals-health complexes, aviation etc. They are products that are used in places of critical importance in terms of hygiene and in areas such as seasides, ships-yachts, where external environmental conditions are difficult.

Especially the membranes used in the tank are certified, long-lasting, low gas permeability, Italian origin, which meets the high drinking water hygiene standards established in the European Union and the USA. Also, the flange cover and connection union, which is the only place where the water comes into contact with the tank at the entrance and exit, are made of stainless material. is produced.

Capacity: 2lt to 2000lt / 0.53 gallon to 533 gallon

Maximum Operating Temperature: +100° C

8bar/10bar/16bar/25 bar maximum working pressure



Tank Body

* Steel body made of 304 quality stainless sheet

* Membrane can be replaced thanks to bolt-on flange cover

* With manometer indicator showing the tank front gas pressure according to the model

* PED-CE 2014/68-EU European Union product safety certified



* İtalian production, low gas permeability EPDM membrane, optional Butyl membrane can be used,

* Hygiene and quality certified by European Union and USA institutions (DIN 4807-3, NSF-61, WRAS, BS6920 and other..)






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