EDS-AntiShock  -  Long Life Water Hammer Antishock Tanks
Various problems such as sound, vibration, impact, abrasion and pressure wave related to water speed are 
experienced in the installation. In this pressure wave, system pressure reaches at very high values . As a result , there will 
be major damages in the installations such as shrinkage of gaskets, movement of pipe connections, breaking of the valves, 
especially moving parts of the check valves. To prevent these problems, appropriate shock absorbing systems should be 
installed in the system. EDS-AntiShock is an equipment that can be used safely against water shock in booster systems, in 
places where the water pipe is installed in our home such as washbasins, toilets, bathrooms, in dishwasher, washing 
machine connections, and especially in points where solenoid valve equipment is connected to various water pipe lines.

Capacity: from 0.16lt to 2lt / from 0.04 gallon to 0.54 gallon
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 ° C / 212°F
Maximum Working Pressure: 10Bar

Tank Body
* Special tank design  with inside rubber diaphragm absorbs impacts caused by water shock in the installations,
* Special design sealed air valve

Rubber Diaphragm
* Italian production, low gas permeability, special formulation, made of Butyl or EPDM raw material
* Hygiene and quality certificates by European Union and USA institutions (DIN 4807-3, NSF-61, WRAS, BS6920 and                 
some others..)






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