Our Second Factory in Turkey Has Been Commissioned.

EDS GLOBAL completed its second factory investment in Sakarya-Turkey, which it started at the beginning of 2020, as of October 2022, and the production process was successfully started in this new facility. Our new factory is one of the biggest investments in the industry recently.

With the commissioning of our new factory, EDS GLOBAL will make Turkey compete with Europe and the world in the production of booster and expansion tanks. In this facility, all sheet metal forming operations are produced in full automation-robotic press lines without human touch, and high technology is used in both welding, painting and assembly operations. Thus, EDS GLOBAL aims to reach a significant market share in the world markets ahead of its competitors in Europe in terms of both quality and production numbers.

We would like to express our gratitude to our employees, suppliers, board of directors, and the people of our neighborhood, and Mr. Erenler Mayor, Dear Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and Dear Sakarya Governor, who supported us in this period.


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