The main duty of our company is; To meet the needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level, to increase customer satisfaction, to ensure customer satisfaction and to sustain it.

Our company has adopted the principle of achieving continuous improvement and development in all its activities and processes and at the same time sees the happiness of our employees as one of its primary duties.



Unconditional customer happiness is our most essential principle. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we must have excellent product and service quality. That's why we call Quality First.

Our customers are at the center of our business. We must ensure that the customer trusts and connects us by always thinking about our customers and doing our work in a way that provides more excellent products and services than our competitors.

Continuous improvement is essential to success. We must seek excellence in everything we do. In order to achieve this, our improvement efforts should become a routine of our lives.

Teamwork is our way of life. We are a family. We trust and respect each other. To understand, trust and support each other; We endeavor to provide a working environment that is open, free from prejudice and based on mutually effective communication in our company.

It is one of our targets to be shown as a model company in the society by maintaining our integrity in all activities in our company and to gain respect in our environment. For this reason, honesty is indispensable for us.

Also; Our basic principle is to provide the most cost-effective and superior quality level in production, to give importance to training activities in order to provide unconditional customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction, to increase personnel development and productivity, and to ensure the development of our quality system and product quality with a continuous improvement understanding.

While doing all these works, by determining and pursuing the quality targets, making production in compliance with legal legislation, laws, regulations and standards, acting with a high environmental protection awareness, minimizing the use of natural resources and other environmental effects, and protecting personnel health and safety, We will determine and spread risks and opportunities that will affect the suitability of the services, and we will create and expand continuous development projects.

In our activities, we will use the “ISO 9001: 2015” Standard as a guide and benefit from the measurement and improvement tools accepted all over the world.

We undertake that our stated principles will be implemented and maintained.



The principle of “Excellence in Total Quality” has been adopted by EDS PRES Management. We must be “Perfect” in the essential work we do, in all our values and in the implementation of our principles.

In order to perfect customer satisfaction, the quality of our products and services should be our “Number 1” priority. “Customer Satisfaction” determines the level of quality we produce.

In order to achieve perfect Total Quality, all processes must be constantly reviewed, improved and improved. In order to realize these developments, it is essential for the employees to produce ideas and operate in a planned manner.



                                                                                                                                               Erdal DENİZ

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