We are confident in our product quality.

Every product you buy is under the guarantee of EDS GLOBAL company. If you are not satisfied with the EDS GLOBAL product you have purchased for any reason, you can return or change the product within 15 days from the day you receive the product, informing our company about the subject by phone (+90 264 359 58 98) or e-mail (info@eds-global), under the following conditions.

The conditions within the scope of the return are as follows;

  • Returns must be made with the original box / packaging and invoice.
  • All standard accessories must be shipped undamaged and in their original packaging.
  • Scratches, damage, impacts, etc. in various parts of the products. should not be.
  • Even if the products are for trial purposes, they should not be put into operation.
  • The customer is obliged to return the product as it was delivered to him, and to compensate for the loss of the commercial value of the product due to use.
  • Products that are prepared in line with the customer's special requests and needs, that are not suitable for return due to their nature, and that are not likely to be sold to another customer again cannot be returned.
  • The shipping fee belongs to the customer for all reasons for the return, except that the product to be returned is defective.
  • In the invoices issued on behalf of the company, exchange or refund is made with the return invoice of the purchasing company.

Our Product Exchange and Return Options;

You can make your exchange or return by choosing one of the following options:

Customer Credit Rating:

The remaining amount, after deducting the total price paid, shipping, promotional expenses and other costs, is transferred to the EDS GLOBAL ERP system as a "Customer Credit Note". This customer credit rating is used at any time as cash payment for the next purchase of goods from our company.


The amount is transferred to the customer's bank account, after deducting shipping, promotional expenses and other costs from the total fee paid.

Product Replacement:

The old product is replaced with a new one.

Damaged or Defective Products;

When you receive your order, check it by opening your package next to the cargo authority. In case you think the products are missing or damaged, do not take delivery of the package by keeping a report to the cargo authority. When the product is delivered, you must indicate whether the box has been opened or not, and you and the cargo officer must definitely sign the report. Do not forget that you have accepted that the cargo company fulfills its duty after the product is received.

Exchange and Return Process;

The realization of the transaction is not guaranteed for exchange requests or refunds made without approval by EDS GLOBAL. Please send an e-mail to info@eds-global.com for approval. Our customer is informed about the required return confirmation by e-mail.


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