EDS Global is still the leading company of the sector in terms of its innovative products and production capacity in the production of various types of pressure tanks, operating in its own factory in the Sakarya region in a closed area of 12 thousand m2. With the second factory, which will be commissioned very soon, it will be one of the few pressure tank manufacturers not only in Turkey but also in Europe, with a total closed production area of 25 thousand m2 and a total production capacity.

The EDS Global brand is developing rapidly in global markets. The awareness of the EDS Global brand is increasing day by day with the great satisfaction of customers all over the world. Currently, EDS Global, as a global manufacturer, produces and exports to more than 100 countries in total in Asia, Europe, Far East, Middle East, South-North America and other markets. EDS Global offers a wide range of production from 2 liters to 10,000 liters at operating pressures of 10, 16 and 25 bar. In addition, EDS Global also supplies its customers with EPDM/Butyl and high temperature resistant solar membranes from 2 liters to 40,000 liters, various booster-pump accessories, flex hoses, pressure storage tanks of water purification systems and accessories of purification systems.

EDS Global's product range is as follows:

  • *Replaceable Membrane Tank Series; ( Booster Series Tanks, Heating Series Expansion Tanks and Solar Series Expansion Tanks )
    *Fixed Diaphragm Tank Series ;( Booster Series Tanks, Heating Series Expansion Tanks and Solar Series Expansion Tanks)
    *EPDM/Butyl and Special High Temperature Resistant Membranes
    *Flex Hoses
    *Booster-Pump Accessories (Pressure Switches, Liquid Level Floaters, Hydromats, Manometers, Liquid Level Floaters, Brass Connection Equipment, Valves, Valves, Clamps,
    *Pressurized Water Storage Tanks (RO Tanks) for Water Treatment Systems, Different Types of Filters, Filter Containers

As it is known, this wide and high quality product range of EDS Global is available in very few manufacturers around the world. This advantage we have gives us great strength. Using this power, we tell our customers; As “EDS Global”, we are always with you with our most innovative products in the industry.

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