EDS-Power -Long Life Fixed Diaphragm Booster Tanks can be used safely for many years in irrigation pumps, deep well and centrifugal pumps, booster sets and applications against water shock.  It is produced in tank sizes from 2lt to 200lt ( 1.3 Gallon to 53 Gallon ) at 10Bar -16Bar maximum working pressure. 

EDS-InoxPower   - Long Life Stainless Steel Body Fixed Diaphragm Booster Tanks are the products used in areas of critical importance in terms of hygiene such as beverage-food production facilities, hospital-health complexes, aviation, shipping etc.It is produced in tank sizes from 8lt to 24lt ( 2.1 Gallon to 6.4 Gallon) at 10Bar maximum working pressure. 

EDS-Flow   - Replaceable Membrane Booster Tanks are produced in very different standarts from 2lt up to 10.000lt ( 0.53 Gallon to 2667 Gallon ) at 8Bar-10Bar -16Bar-25Bar maximum working pressure. These tanks can be used safely for many years in deep well and centrifugal pumps, water booster sets and applications against water shock thanks to the italian membrane in the inner structure of tank.

EDS-InoxFlow   - Stainless Body Booster Tanks with Replaceable Membrane are made of 1st class 304 quality stainless metal and give full assurance to the user about the product quality and the hygiene status of the water. These tanks are mostly used in beverage-food production facilities, hospitals-health complexes, aviation and etc. places where hygiene is critical important , and also in areas such as seasides, ships-yachts, where external environmental conditions are difficult. It is produced in tank sizes from 5lt to 500lt ( 1.33 Gallon to 134 Gallon ) at maximum working pressure of 10Bar

EDS-AntiShock   - Various problems such as sound, vibration, impact, abrasion and pressure wave are experienced due to water velocity in the installation. EDS-AntiShock tanks are equipment that can be used safely against water shock in booster systems, in places where water pipes are drawn in our house such as sinks, toilets, bathrooms, in the connections of dishwashers, washing machines, and especially at the points where there are solenoid valve equipment connected to various water pipe lines. It is produced in tank sizes from 0.16lt to 2lt ( 0.04 Gallon to 0.54 Gallon ) at 10Bar maximum working presure.

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